Friday, February 26, 2010

Dress for a little girl.

I sew a few dresses for my nieces. I used different fabrics. This is one of them. Very simple pattern and fun to make.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cotton blouse

In this few months, the weather is very hot.Actually very very hot! Malaysia, summer throughout the year........

I started my work in the afternoon and you can just imagine ....woo ! sweating and sweating !

It is better to wear cotton fabric clothes. I made several cotton blouses . This is one of them. This top can match with jean as well as skirt.My friends like this top. I like it too because it is nice to wear especially in hot weather.

The original pattern from the pattern book does not has pleats at the front neck line. After I completed the sewing and tried it on, I found that the neck opening was too wide. So no choice, I undid the front binding and added pleats on it. I inserted elastic string at the lower part which is not stated in the pattern too.

A simple blouse

I was attracted by this material when I entered the Jackel Textile Store.Oh, it is beautiful .The pattern is nice and the colour combination is perfectly matched !

Without thinking further , I decided to buy 1.2 meter to sew a blouse.

Yes, a simple blouse. I sew a very simple blouse, short sleeves and withot zip.

When I wore this top to work, a few of of my colleagues like it very much and asked me where to get the material. But I doubt it is still available in the store because I had kept it for three months before I manage to have time to work on it. I am happy others like it too.