Friday, April 30, 2010

Blue floral blouse, ruffled at front

I bought this fabric from a local fabric store. The sales girl in the store told me this is Japanese cotton, but I guess it is not 100 % cotton .Most properly it is just cotton mixed fabric.

I like blue colour especially light blue.This colour always makes me feel calm and happy. To me light blue implies crystal blue sky and sunny day. Just like these few months in my country, almost every day is a sunny day. Every morning, birds singing happily on my jackfruit tree. Next to my garden is my kitchen , me too, singing happily while kneading my dough to make wholemeal bread ,or busy preparing Chinese dishes for my hubby……..oh ! I enjoy cooking and baking besides sewing.I am just a little woman who is easily satisfied with my simple life.

Floral print with blue background . I love the colour and the flowers .I used this fabric to made this feminine blouse , ruffled at front. The fabric is soft and very comfy to wear .

I love this pattern and thinking of making another similar one , longer than this but using plain or floral linen or cotton fabric. Well, another project in my list. When will it be done ? I am not sure, may be soon or may be in June since I will have two weeks holidays in June . Most properly I want to stay at home do my sewing projects in my coming holidays. My hubby will not be happy to hear this because he loves to travel. When I was young, I travelled together with him to China for quite a number of times. We had been to Beijing(北京) , Shanghai (上海), Yangtze River(长江), HuangShan(黄山) , YunNan(云南) , ZhangJiaJie (张家界), DaLi(大理) , LiJiang(丽江), and etc. Many years ago, we went to Hong Kong too. Two of us, walking up and down on the streets and love eating the Hong Kong famous noodles (YunTun Mee).I would not forget our honeymoon at Beautiful Lake Toba in Indonesia too. Those are sweet memories of our past.

To tell the truth, I do not really like travelling nowadays. I do not know why. I prefer to stay at home, peacefully and happily, doing things that I always enjoy. I hate travelling on plane, waiting for check in, waiting for…. , wasting a lot of time ! May be I will go to Singapore in my coming holidays. The journey from my place to Singapore , either by bus or by train only takes a few hours . Singapore is a wonderful country, furthermore it has been quite a number of years we have not visit our cousins there.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another denim pencil case

This pencil case is sewn for a Malay teeneger girl ,who scored A for Mathematics in her previous school examination.
The denim fabric is recycled from an old skirt of my sister. I machine appliqued a flower on the natural undyed and unbleached cotton fabric .I used gingham cotton fabric for the lining. I hope the girl will like this small gift made by me.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Beautiful fabrics !

This afternoon I went to traditional Chinese coffee shop with my hubby . After taken coffee and toasted bread with butter and kaya, I went to two of the local fabric stores . See what I bought , four pieces of cotton fabrics and three pieces of linen fabrics!

Well, I seldom came out empty-handed whenever I enter any fabric store. I think I should control myself and stop buying next time.Why ? Just because besides this seven new fabrics, I still have many unsewn fabrics keep inside my sewing room. Wow ! There are stacks of fabrics yet I am so busy with my work and have limited time to sew. There are quite a number of fabric stores in my hometown . I always enjoy entering one store after another, can spend hours and hours just admiring those beautiful fabrics and finally, cannot resist myself from buying some . :)

Dark blue top with batik floral print maxi bottom.

This pattern is self -drafted.I sewed this dress 8 years ago , till now I am still wearing it quite often. This means I have not put on weight for quite a number of years. :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My simple purple dress

I drafted my own pattern and made this 2 pieces dress a few years back.The top is just a simple one, without any buttons or zip. The bottom is a tight skirt with a slit at the back.The length of the skirt is a few inches below my knee.
Since I am not going to tuck in my blouse, so I sewed elastic band on the left and right side of the waist band .This makes me feel comfortable.

My working dress code does not allow me to wear short skirts above the knee cap.I do not mind at all. Ha! Ha! Why ? Just because I never wanted to wear short skirts anymore ,like the old days when I was young.

The purple colour fabric is a little bit shining and thus it made my dress looked a bit elegant.Although this is just a simple dress, but it is one of my favourite. I have been wearing this dress for quite a number of years and still wearing it. I think I will wear it until it is worn out . :)