Thursday, July 29, 2010

Strawberry, polka dot and lovely girls.

Last Friday evening, I dropped by a fabric store I used to visit while driving home from work. I  saw many new arrivals .  More than  thirty different floral prints and polka dot  100 % cotton fabrics.

I just love those  pure cotton fabric. I told myself that I will sure to  regret if I did not grap some. Further more the prices are reasonable and affordable. They are perfect for making little dresses, skirts, patchwork and .....( See how I am trying to find as many excuses as posssible whenever I am buying fabric...)

I  managed to control myself to buy eight pieces only. But the other beautiful floral fabric in the store keep on dancing in my mind, asking me to go back for them next Sunday ........ :) .

I would like to show you what I had bought. I love all of them. What do you think of them ? Let me know !

Should I go back for some more ? I do not mind collecting all the nice fabric and turn them into beautiful craftwork or clothing one day .  Don't laugh at me ! I am sure you are just like me,  fabric addict ! right ?  :)

Have a nice day !

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Patchwork red floral coin purse

Recently my fabric scraps accumulated from sewing clothings are put into good use . Last night I used one of the  red floral cotton scraps to make another patchwork coin purse . It is very smal1, measuring 2 3/4 " x 4".

The other side of the purse

I used a plain red  cotton fabric for the inner lining.

I am going to give this purse to a niece of mine. I made a Chinese New Year dress for her using  this floral fabric a couple of years back. She loves that dress very much. I am sure she will love to have this purse too.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Purple flower coin purse

Yesterday we did not have cocuriculum activities in school .  I spent the whole day on cleaning up my home, cooking and watching an old Japanese drama " Love Generation ". The drama was acted by Kimura Takuya( 木村拓哉) and Matsu Takako (松たか子 ) . Fun to watch !

Today  morning I continued watching the drama. In the afternoon, I sat down cutting square patches from my fabric scraps . I found some cotton fabrics scraps  from sewing this  little dress. I looked at the beautiful purple flowers and an idea  crossed my mind. I wanted to use them for sewing  a little purse. So that is how it came about.

The other side of the purse

This  little zipper purse  measuring approximately 2  3/4" x 4 " . The inner lining purple  fabric is 100 % cotton too.

I will  give this little purse  to a  lovely hardworking  Malay girl tomorrow . She  scored A+ for her Mathematics in the school mid- year examination and I promised to give her a special gift. Her favourite colour is purple and I hope she will love this little  purse. It will be great for her  to carry some coins or small notes. It is also small  enough  for her to put inside her pocket.

Thanks for reading. I  hope you have a great weekend !

Friday, July 23, 2010

Black blouse and batik print maxi skirt

I bought this batik print fabric from a local fabric store. The fabric is soft and nice to wear. I sewed a maxi skirt using this fabric.

Since  90 % of the  students in my school  are Malay Muslims, it is very common for us non -Muslim female teachers to wear maxi skirts in school. Outside the school, I seldom wear maxi skirts.

The skirt is pleated at the front  for easy movement. Elastic bands were attached  on both sides of the waist band.and zip opening at the right hand side.

If the blouse and the skirt were made using the same fabric,the dress would be too flowery. In the end I  bought another black colour fabric and sewed a blouse to match with this maxi skirt.

Batik print fabric is used for the facing on  the neckline , and it was sewed  on the right side of the garment for embellishment. I did the same for the cuffs.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you have a great Friday !

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Patchwork floor seat cushion cover

My hubby has a few floor seat cushions. Every night he sits  on the cushion practicing  his Buddhist meditations and prayers. Last weekend , I made a patchwork cushion cover with an invisible zipper , to replace one of the old one.

This cushion cover is made up of 144 pieces of 2 in.  x 2 in .( seam allowance  1/4  in. ) squares patches from my fabric scraps.The finished size is 18 in. x 18 in.

The back of the cushion cover is a recycled green cotton fabric from an old skirt of my sister.

My husband is happy with  this new cushion cover that I made for him. I am happy too because I made  full use of my fabric scraps by turning them into colourful patchwork.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Patchwork pincushion

I have a large amount of fabric scraps left over from sewing clothings.Using them for patchwork projects  have been my-to–do list forever.

This morning , I made a 4 in.x 4 in. patchwork pincushion.   It is made from sixteen pieces of 1.5 in. x 1.5 in. square patches  ( with 1/4  in seam allowance included) .

How many pincushions do I need ? One or two should be enoungh. I already have three, but it is such a great fun to make this cute little pincushion,  quick and easy to sew. When I could not have enough time to sew a blouse or a dress, I tend to sew some simple stuff like this.

This morning, I spent some time on cutting out many different sizes of squares from my scraps, 1 .5 in. x 1 .5 in,   2 in. x 2 in. ,  2 .5 in x 2. 5 in. ,  3in. x 3 in. , 3.5 in. x 3.5 in. and  4in. x 4 in. I put them in different boxes and intend to use them for making coasters, pincushions, pillows, pouches , drawstring bags, placemats, baskets and etc. So many things I wanted to do but  I have so little time !

Happy sewing to all of you !

Patchwork potholder.

Made this 6 in. x 8 in. patchwork potholder  last night.
A busy week, not in the mood of sewing . Tired and lazy too, because I watched Korean drama instead of sewing at night from Monday till Thursday .

Happy Sunday to everyone ! 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Four pairs of shorts for my little niece

My little niece came to my house last weekend. She insisted to take a picture in front of the framed cross stitched Japanese lady hanging on the wall in my living room. She likes the cross stitch very much because it was made by her mum before she was born.

She told me she likes the broad shorts I made for her cousin brother. She asked me to make one for her too. At home this girl likes to wear T-shirt and shorts.

After she knew that I am willing to sew one for her, she was happy and said : “ You know, I have grown up and some of my shorts are too small to fit already ! Do you mind to make more than one for me ? “

I laughed and answered : “ No problem ! How many pairs do you want ? Five ? "

She raised her three little fingers and answered : “ THREE will be enough !”

On Tuesday night, I finished sewing four ( instead of three )pairs of broad shorts for her.

I drafted the paper pattern with seam allowance. I just laid the paper pattern on the fabric and cut out without tracing. Quick, easy and fun to sew! Less than three hours, I completed four shorts with elasticated waist .

My little niece cycled  to my house to get her shorts this evening . She likes the shorts I made for her.  I took some pictures of her with the shorts on. She is a real cutie, sweet and mischievious !

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Light green dress

Green is one of my favourite colours. I  love this light green fabric, so made a 2-piece dress out of it. I am not sure what fabric it is , but it is soft and drapes well.

Short sleeves button front blouse and an  8-gore flared skirt. My teeneger niece commented this dress is very old fashioned. I do not mind at all . Generation gap always exists between the  younger generations ( my teeneger nieces and nephews )   and the elder (me ). : )  Further more, I do admit that  I am an old  fashioned woman . : )

I love to wear this type of 8-gore skirt, so keep on making one after another. It is comfy to wear and  quick  to sew . I think  I am a bit crazy beacause I intend to make a few more but of different colours, may be white , brown or dark blue...... : )