Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baking and crocheting

Beautiful Sunday !

Got up early in the morning and baked a Cotton Soft Japanese Cheese Cake .

I couldn't get enough of this delicious cake. Just irresistible ! So soft and smooth in texture!

Just imagine, I have been baking this cake over and over for the past few weeks!

This cheese cake is easy and simple to make.I think this is the best cheese cake recipe I got from the internet.

If you love cheese cake, get the recipe from here and give it a try.

Well, while waiting for my cake to be baked in the oven, I started crocheting another floor mat.

I completed the crocheting just now. OMG ! This one is really really COLOURFUL ! Isn't it ?

My hubby's aunt gave me some of the bright colour fabric scraps . I was just too happy to get them. How lucky I am !

I used the fabric scraps and three old T-shirts given by my younger sister to crochet this mat.

Yes, I am addicted to crocheting rag rugs as well as baking cheese cake ... hahaha ! I wish to share with you this delicious cake together with a cup of white coffee. ^O^.

Thanks for visiting .

Have a gorgeous weekend !

Friday, June 10, 2011

Blue checked and purple floral scrunchies

I made two scrunchies using fabric scraps .

I took around 20 minutes to complete these two scrunchies.

Fun and easy to make.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Eco shopping bag

Today I made an eco shopping bag for my hubby .

This bag is of the same pattern as those plastic bags used by people everywhere .

I used a deco fabric I bought from a local fabric store.The fabric is of medium weight.

This bag is durable and very practical . Most importantly, it is washable and reusable.

The size of this bag is around 40 cm X 34 cm X 16 cm. It is quite roomy .

Let me show you how much groceries can be put inside this bag.
I folded the bag and put it inside my hubby's car.

I hope he will not forget to use it whenever he goes shopping.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another crocheted mat

I am sorry I am posting my crocheted fabric mats repeatedly.

I think I am a bit crazy............

I m so addicted to crocheting these mats for the past few days.

Yes, my sister sent me some old T-shirts and I crocheted another one yesterday.

Not only that, I added another round for the other three mats that I have shown you in my last three posts.

Why ? My little grandniece paid me a visit yesterday . She said it would be better to make them bigger .

"I think it is better to have bigger ones because I like to jump on them !" she said. LOL!

So now all the four mats that I crocheted are around 20 inches in diameter.

Well, as a beginner , I understand I still need to improve my crocheting skill.

Anyway,I think this is a good start for me to practice my skill. Hopefully, I will be able to crochet beautiful stuffs in future. :D.

I would like to show you some photos of my cute grandniece . She likes to look at the flowers in my garden. Too happy to find a ripe passion fruit.

She plucked the fruit and enjoyed eating..............
Thanks for reading.
Hope you have a nice day!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The sun in the middle of gloomy sky

I crocheted when I was watching TV.

I crocheted when I was in the kitchen ,waiting for the food on the gas-stove to be cooked.

I crocheted when I was fed up of marking exercise books with horrible handwriting.

I crocheted and crocheted and crocheted.......,

Phew! Finally it was done this afternoon!

I think the colour combination for this one is a bit weird , but those were the only fabric strips left.

No choice .... and I am not willing to unpick and redo it. So just let it be, let it be .....!

Just let the sun stays in the middle of the glooming sky ( or funny sky?). Hehehe !

Yes, I enjoy so much upcycling old T-shirts into fabric mats.Thanks Amy for the inspiration !

Now I am running out of fabric strips.

My sisters promised to collect some old worn-out T-shirts and bedsheets for me. So wait until I get those stuffs before I can crochet recycled mats again.. ^o^.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Colourful rag rug

I am addicted in crocheting rag rugs already.I crocheted this colourful one yesterday afternoon.

The diameter of this rag rug is around 18 inches.

A lady working in a textile garments factory picked up some colourful knit fabric scraps ( which are supposed to be thrown away ) for me last month . I used two worn-out orange and light blue colour T-shirts, plus the green and yellow scraps to crochet the above floor mat.

The scraps given by the kind-hearted lady are really good for crocheting rug rags .

As the knit fabric is stretcheble, I cut all the scraps into zig-zag strips, and simply tie knots to join each of them to form a long strip for crocheting.

The picture below shows how I cut one of the scrap ( around 8 in. x 10 in. ) before I tie it together with other similar strips to form a long strip for crocheting. My hubby commented that the blue rag rug I crocheted a few days back is too small , so I crocheted another round to make it bigger.

The size of this rug rag is now 18 inches ( or around 45 cm ) in diameter. I supposed this is the size we both preferred , since it is not too big nor too small.

Well, I love this blue rag rug, and I am going to use it as kitchen mat . It sure will brighten up my hours spending in my kitchen. ^v^.

Enjoy your weekend !

Guess what ? Yes, I am going to spend my weekend crocheting another rag rug....., and I will start with the red fabric strips shown above . ^o^.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crocheted fabric floor mat

I am having two weeks of holidays but I have so many bundles of exam papers to mark.

This means even in holidays yet a lot of paperwork need to be completed !

Well, I stop marking papers when I feel tired and do some crocheting .

See what I had completed yesterday, a recycled floor mat !

This hand- crocheted floor mat is inspired by Amy from chick chick sewing.

This durable floor mat is made from my three worn-out T-shirts and some fabric scraps given by my hubby's aunty.

I enjoyed cutting the worn-out T-shirts and scraps into strips and crocheting them into such eco-friendly mat.