Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Patchwork pencil case

The size of this  patchwork pencil case is 8.5" x 3.5". I made it a couple of weeks  back. It is a gift for a Malay teenager.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Patchwork cell phone case

I never buy any cell phone. The cell phone I used is an old  phone of my hubby.Sometimes my hubby insisted that I must carry it along when I go out .You know, I do believe in the  hazard of cell phone use. I always try my very best to reduce my cell phone use or turn it off when not in use.

I made a patchwork cell phone case for my old cell phone yesterday. I sewed a zipper for this case.

Pull the zipper open and put my phone inside.

Now pull the zipper again to close it up.

The cell phone is inside the padded case now , hope it can help to  reduce a bit of the radiation. :)

The lining of the inner part

It is fun to make this little case. I really enjoyed sewing  it ! :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Simple gray blouse

I love gray  colour. How could I resist myself from buying when I saw this lovely  fabric ? The sales lady told me  it is Vietnam silk. I think it is not silk but should be a type of satin fabric.

I  made a very simple blouse from it . No zipper, no darts, just binding at the neckline. So  quick and easy to make. Lazy me , right ?

Look at the photos below, the surface of the fabric shines. That is the reason I think it is satin and not silk.

I matched this blouse with a black skirt I made a couple of years back.  Simple yet I just  love it . What do you think ?

Thanks for visiting. Hope you have a fantastic weekend !

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Polka dots pencil case

I made this pencil case ( measuring 7.5 " x 3.5" ) for a 13 years old Malay girl. She is a well-behaved and  hardworking student of mine. Just hope she will like to use it.

The other side of the pencil case.

I use pink colour polka dots fabric for the lining.

The three roses are cut from this cotton fabric given to me by my fourth sister .

Monday, August 9, 2010

Little house drawstring bag

Yesterday  afternoon , I made a small drawstring bag with batting . My hubby thought  it is  for  holding a cell phone, but it is not. It is quite small, only measuring  5 " x 2.75 ".

I made this small bag for holding my thread clipper. The dark blue fabric is medium weight linen cotton blend . The inner lining fabric is white and dark green gingham check flannel. I simply used some different colour cotton fabric to cut out a little house pattern for the machine applique` . The applique` turned out quite cute. I love this  little house on  the green ground with cloud above !

I have been using this thread clipper  for more than 20 years ! This 4 inches long thread clipper was imported from China . It is a bit rusty now, but the blades of this handy tool are still very sharp. I used to do some stitching work whenever I have long distance travelling. Now with this little bag, I can always keep my thread clipper as well as other small sewing notions such as  seam ripper and small scissor inside my handbag for convinence. :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Patchwork zipper pouch + floor seat cushion cover

Just finished  sewing a garment for myself . I  forgot to charge my camera battery so no photos taken yet.

I bought some more cotton fabric last Sunday. I decided to use them for making patchwork and  dresses for little girls.

In fact this morning I managed to cut out some squares to make a zipper pouch for myself. I was inspired by Pink Peguin . Ayumi  is so creative and all her crafts  are all so beautiful and neatly sewn ! Do check it out here .

The size of the pouch is 6.5 " x 5 ".  All the fabric are from the same type of cotton fabric but with different prints.

I made another patchwork floor seat cushion a few weeks back. It was made from 91 pieces of 2.5" square fabric scraps.

This week is a stressful week. I love my job but sometimes teaching life is tiring and stressful too. Just imagine that there are more than 40 teenegers  in some of  the classes ! Actually in some of the Chinese primary schools, the number of students are around 50 or more  per class!  Sometimes we are disappointed with the education system here but sad to say that we could not  change anything …...Oh ! this is not a nice topic to talk about , so stop here.

Anyway, nobody can completely eliminate stress from his or her  life. For me, sewing activities always brings me a state of restfulness and a boost in my feelings of joy and serenity. I just could not stop sewing every now and then !

Hope you have a relaxing weekend !

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gift--- Craft books.

My hubby bought these craft books for me from a  Chinese book fair in my hometown yesterday.  The one at the top left is translated from Japanese edition published by BOUTIQUE-SHA. The Chinese publisher got the Chinese translation rights arranged with BOUTIQUE-SHA.

These books are actually for beginners and project listed are very simple. I told him I can sew those stuffs without refering to the books. According to him, no harm of buying since the books are inexpensive .( I do not  think so because all the books are actually 100 % more expensive than what you can get from China.) .  Any way , he made my day because it is really fun to look at those beautiful pictures inside the book.! !

I had went to China at least five times in the past , but only  had bought a sewing pattern book for " Qi pao"  there.  Well, I was  not so crazy about crafting in those days... :).

I think next time I visit China , I will sure to grap more craft  books .......! There are many creative people in China. Every time I visited China  , I was thrilled to  look at their architectures, sculptures, handicrafts, .....and most of all , the amazing , fantastic beautiful scenery of this country !  My hubby never get  tire of visiting this wonderful country.

Here comes the man who enjoys buying little gifts for me. The picture was taken in Tibet, China in the year 2005. I am happy this man  always knows what I want and likes to give me little surprises every now and then . :)

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Little drawstring bag + a cute cat

Last night I made this little drawstring bag using the lovely girls cotton fabric. I was inspired by this bag my hubby bought for me. The size of the bag is 7" x 5 1/2 " .

I used  satin fabric  for the inner lining. The fun part is when both of the strings are being pulled , a flower is formed in the centre!

I went to the fabric store again this afternoon. I did buy some more. I am so happy because I love those cotton fabric so much . My nephew borrowed my camera just now. I will take some photos of the fabric when I get back my camera.

Oh, I would like to share with  you a photo taken by my hubby  using his cell phone. He went to a traditional coffee shop one afternoon and ....., he saw this lovely cat sat on the staircase at the side door of the shop. The cat ignored the noisy crowd and was enjoying sun-bathing ! Sooo cute !

Thanks for reading and hope  you have a peaceful weekend !