Saturday, May 22, 2010

One piece flared dress

This is an old dress I made thirteen years ago. Wow ! so long ago..., time really flies !

On and off, I am still wearing it. I think the fabric used is polyester type. Small white flowers on dark blue ground , front opening and the buttons are covered with the same fabric .

May be this dress is considered as an old fashioned dress now , but I still like it very much. Well, I am not a stylish woman. As long as this garment makes me feel comfortable and relaxing, I will still keep it in my closet.

Sweet colourful cotton blouse

Oh ! My sweet blouse is finally done ! Ten days ago I cut out the pattern using a sweet light weight cotton fabric, but too busy to lay my hands on it. Until last night , I got it done !

This blouse is same pattern as this gray floral blouse .I love this simple pattern very much. Just pull over without zipper. I match this blouse with a dark blue pleated skirt , given by my youngest sister as a gift a couple years ago. Supercomfy especially with the perpetual summer in Malaysia ! Other than wearing it to work , I think I can match it with blue or white jeans for outting too .
I really enjoy sewing clothing. I hope to sew another one very soon. : ) .

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mini pouch

Our school mid-year examination is around the corner. This week I am busy preparing the revision exercises as well as the exam paper and could not have much time to sew. I have to make sure all these work get done before I can put my hands on the blouse I am working on .

Anyhow, last night I took 20 minutes break. Instead of sewing the unfinished blouse , I made a pouch for myself. This mini pouch is easy and fast to make. I took less than 20 minutes to complete it. This simple pouch can be make according to our own preferable measurement. The pouch can be used for putting whatever small things we like. You can used it for keeping your small cards, or even buttons, necklaces and other small accessories. I used this one for putting my driving license, identity card , name cards, small card calendar and etc.

Well, I need to stop here. My black bean soup and rice are boiling in the kitchen. Back to the kitchen cooking the lunch . : ) .

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pink Mickey Mouse pencil case

Yesterday I went to a local textile shop and was attracted by a pink colour fabric. The medium weight cotton fabric is printed with cute Mickey Mouse cartoons. It would be fun to make bags and purses using this fabric , so delightfully I bought a metre.

Last night I sewed a pencil case using the cute fabricI bought in the afternoon. I used two different pictures of the Mickey Mouse for the sewing. Red cotton fabric is used for the inner lining. I am going to give this pencil case to a hardworking student in my Maths class. I am sure she will be happy to have it.

I am in the progress of making a sweet cotton blouse too, hopefully it can be done in this week. I am just very excited and wish to start sewing it as soon as possible. : ) !

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tank top with two big pockets

My friend Koh likes the tank top I sewn for her last week. I am so happy that it fitted perfectly on her.

The hot weather in my country has pushed me to sew another tank top for myself . This time I decided to refashion a long sleeves blouse. I bought the blouse many years ago . I had wore it only for a few times because the neck opening seems too big for me . I love the cotton and linen mixed fabric of that blouse and decided to sew a comfy top from it.

I drafted a paper pattern using my own body measurement two days ago. Last night I cut out the front and back bodice parts as shown in the pictures below.
I cut out the facing from one of the sleeve.Since there is another sleeve left, I cut out two rectangular pockets from it.I sewed scallop decorative stitches on the pockets as shown in the picture below. I went to school this morning because we had meeting and activities for girl guides. I was back home at 1.00 p.m. After taking a short nap, I felt refresh to start sewing the top. I finished the sewing within 45 minutes and was able to take pictures too . I am quite happy that I had refasioned the blouse into a comfy top . I like it very much !

Now, with a cup of coffee and a piece of self-baked moist chocolate cake , I am sitting in front of the computer writing this post. For me, sewing is such an addictive hobby. I just could not stop myself from sewing . HowI wish we could have 36 hours a day instead of 24 !
Tomorrow is another beautiful Sunday! Hopefully I will be able to come out with some stuff too. Just wait and see ! Hope you have an enjoyable Sunday !

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Small green check tank top.

Today is Sunday. I wake up before the sun rises from the east. After taking a bowl of cereal and a cup of yogurt as my breakfast, I started tracing a tank top pattern from an old worn out top.

The old top belongs to my friend Koh. She loves that simple tank top sewn by a tailor.She passed the top to me and hope that I can sew a similar one for her. Since she is a good friend of mine, I promised to make her a new one as a gift . As for my own new blouse, may be I will make it next week.

Koh has become a vegetaraian since 15 years ago. I used small green check polyester and cotton mixed fabric to make this top. Green colour always makes me think of trees and vege.I just hope that she will like it.

This simple top is very easy to sew . After finishing sewing this top, I do some washing and other housework. As usual, I will be going out with my hubby at 3.00 pm for tea and toasted bread. Oh ! What a happy and relaxing Sunday !

Sorry for the blurred image taken indoor . I am not good at taking pictures. :(

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Keep on sewing

I could not wait until June holidays to start sewing new clothes for myself. I could not wait that long ! I am going to manage my time wisely. I will try to squeeze out as much spare time as possible, so that I will be able to do bit by bit, and finish making my blouse within a few days or in one week time.

Do not be surprised that sometimes I finished sewing a blouse or a dress within one day . Ha ! ha ! This means occasionally I am too immersed in sewing and just leave cooking and housework aside. I can sew in the morning since I started working at noon. My work ended at 6.40 p.m. I can continue sewing at night.

Well, I am lucky because there are several healthy vegetarian restaurants nearby. If I am busy sewing and did not cook, simple food they served with reasonable price always make me and my hubby satisfied.

So I think I do not have to delay my sewing projects . Right now I should go to bed. I will wake up early tomorrow, clean up my house and then sit down to sew. Goodnight ! Till I finish my stuff and post again ! Do wish me HAPPY SEWING ! See you !

Colourful top

" Wow ! so colourful ! " My sister exclaimed when she saw me with this top. Yes, really colourful ! Does it look nice ? Can this top cheer you up ?

I bought this fabric from Jackel Fabric Store in my hometown a few years back.The fabric is soft and very nice to wear. I seldom choose such colourful fabric for myself. Just for fun I bought it and sewed a top.

The zipless top turns up perfect match with my blue jean ,as well as another narrow dark blue skirt of mine. I wanted to take a picture with the skirt on ,but right now the skirt is inside my washing machine ! May be next time. If the picture is taken, I will post it here.