Sunday, September 19, 2010

Three denim pencil cases

I made three pencil cases this morning, recycled from an old denim skirt of my sister. These are handmade little gifts for my students.

Hope you have a Happy Sunday !

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fabric pumpkin basket

I made this fabric pumpkin  basket yesterday.  A piece of unwanted CD is used for the base.

I think this basket is a failure.  I am totally  angry with myself because I did not stuff the binding on the top while hand stitching it.  I thought it will be alright without stuffing but it isn't. The  result is just not satisfactory , yet when my hubby saw it, he said it is just too cute.  I think one day
( when I am very free and in very good mood ),  I will unpick the binding and restitch.

I plan to sew another one.  Next time I am going to add handles for the basket,  and may be a lid too if

 I think my hubby may be right.  This pumpkin  basket is just too cute.  I think I have fall in love with it.  It is  lovely and yet so practical. You can use it for keeping sewing notions , little accessories, or whatever little things  you like.  And what I am most happy with  is that it can be used as pincushion as well !  How nice !!! 

Thanks for visiting. Have a happy weekend !

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another patchwork zipper pouch

Inspired by Red Penguin , I made a patchwork zipper pouch last month . Yesterday I made another one , measuring 6.5 " x  4 ".

My friend saw my cell phone case and told me she likes the fabrics I used . I made this pouch as a gift for her, using the same fabrics . I am sure she will be happy to have it . :)