Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fabric pumpkin basket

I made this fabric pumpkin  basket yesterday.  A piece of unwanted CD is used for the base.

I think this basket is a failure.  I am totally  angry with myself because I did not stuff the binding on the top while hand stitching it.  I thought it will be alright without stuffing but it isn't. The  result is just not satisfactory , yet when my hubby saw it, he said it is just too cute.  I think one day
( when I am very free and in very good mood ),  I will unpick the binding and restitch.

I plan to sew another one.  Next time I am going to add handles for the basket,  and may be a lid too if

 I think my hubby may be right.  This pumpkin  basket is just too cute.  I think I have fall in love with it.  It is  lovely and yet so practical. You can use it for keeping sewing notions , little accessories, or whatever little things  you like.  And what I am most happy with  is that it can be used as pincushion as well !  How nice !!! 

Thanks for visiting. Have a happy weekend !


  1. Oh, PY, there is no way that any one can complain for this cute one! I love the puffiness of the basket and the shape is exceptionally lovely. Simply **gorgeous**

  2. Py, es un canasto maravilloso, por favor pon el patrón para que veamos cómo se hace

  3. PY,真的很美耶!一定很难做吧,已经很美了就别再抱怨了。

  4. I think the pumpkin basket is lovely....just think, with autumn fast approaching you could maker it in lovely warm oranges, burnt yellow, gold, copper colours! It would look great in pumpkin colours!
    Would you be so kind as to share how you made this?

  5. Gosh, PY...I think it's rather lovely! I understand your frustration though. I've had projects that don't turn out the way I want them to as well. Give away this adorable basket and make yourself another one just the way you want. Happy Sewing! :o)
    Larri at Seams Inspired

  6. Ladies,thank you for your nice comments.

    This fabric basket is very easy to make and it is very common among the crafty ladies of China. I saw this pattern (in a magazine )many years ago ,but only managed to try it out last week. You can find the tutorial from:

    It is in Chinese but pictures will help you to understand every step. I hope you will give it a try. Enjoy sewing !

    Dear PlumLeaf, I am living in a country with sunny days and green trees through out the year. Autumn to me is just very strange.