Monday, August 23, 2010

Patchwork cell phone case

I never buy any cell phone. The cell phone I used is an old  phone of my hubby.Sometimes my hubby insisted that I must carry it along when I go out .You know, I do believe in the  hazard of cell phone use. I always try my very best to reduce my cell phone use or turn it off when not in use.

I made a patchwork cell phone case for my old cell phone yesterday. I sewed a zipper for this case.

Pull the zipper open and put my phone inside.

Now pull the zipper again to close it up.

The cell phone is inside the padded case now , hope it can help to  reduce a bit of the radiation. :)

The lining of the inner part

It is fun to make this little case. I really enjoyed sewing  it ! :)


  1. Wow, PY, this is so cute and practical, too. Is this your own pattern? I esp LOVE the fabrics you used!!

  2. Hi PY,

    因最近我比较忙很少上Blog,今天上你的Blog看到你做的Polka Dots Pencil Case & Patchwork Cell Phone Case 我很喜欢,你的手工真的很美。

  3. This is so cute. I love the fabrics, and although I can sew zippers, I really try to avoid them. Great job.

  4. Amy, thank you. This design of mobile phone case with zipper is very common in my country. Most of those sold in market are products of China and are made of fabrics with pretty embroidered cartoons on them. I was inspired by the products and made a patchwork type for myself, which cannot get from the market. :)
    You can attach a wrist strap on it too.

    Evelyn, thanks for your compliments. I had visited your blog. Your handmade stuffs are lovely too.

    Thank you,Clara.Your sewing skill is good. I think you won't have any problems on sewing zippers.:)