Saturday, August 13, 2011

Peanut shaped pencil case

The paper pattern for this pencil case was given to me by a friend.

She guessed this pattern was created by a Korean , since it is very popular among the Korean handmade lovers.

She told me it is called peanut shaped pencil case in Korea.It does looks like the shape of a peanut shell. I think it also looks like a dainty lady with a small waist as well...,hehehe!

I love the shape of this case , so I give it a try.

Both fabric used are cotton . I love the sweet small floral print fabric .

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weeked!


  1. I love the combination of floral and polka dots prints! And what an unique and pretty shaped zipper pouch this is. Yes, it does look like a peanut shell, but it also look like a shape of a hot dog... or is it just me (lol)! Whether it's a peanut shell or a hot dog, I think it's so lovely!

  2. Thank you, Amy.
    Hahaha!like a hot dog? I did not realize that,may be because I never like to eat hotdogs.
    The same paper pattern can be used to make two different shaped pouches, just turn the base piece 90 degree and sew, a "fat and cute" pouch can be obtained. The Korean crafter who created this pattern is just too talented!