Monday, August 29, 2011


I am enjoying my mid -term holidays this week. Oh , how nice, I can take my own sweet time on gardening, cooking, baking, reading, watching movies as well as sewing.

I had neglected the plants in my garden for quite some time. I feel guilty about that , but I am glad that I still remember to water them daily.:)My flowers are blooming, my herbs are green and fresh, my passion fruits are delicious.

Best of all, I do not have to hurry to work.

This week , I can immerse myself in my small garden every morning.

I feel so relaxing when doing gardening. Flowers and fresh green plants always cheer me up and put me in the right mood . Just soul satisfying to enjoy my holidays in such a way. :P

Well , I had sewn up a few Farmer's wife quilt blocks for the past few days. I would have to redo block six since the measurement turned out 6.25"x 6.25" instead of 6.5" x 6.5" . It is okay, I think I can use this wrong size block for making other stuff, may be a pot holder ? :P

At first I intended to make the blocks in numerical order, but yesterday I decided to make in random order. I think it is more fun to just pick whichever block that I feel like doing.

Above is block 19 that I made yesterday. I think the colour combination of this block is quite nice. Indeed I like it very much. What do you think ?

Today I started sewing a blouse instead of quilt blocks. WIP....., I supposed it will take me some time to finish sewing it. Why ? no hurry, I am reading a book I borrowed from my school library as well. Then ,on this coming Wednesday, I will be going up north to visit my youngest brother.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you have a great week !

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