Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My simple purple dress

I drafted my own pattern and made this 2 pieces dress a few years back.The top is just a simple one, without any buttons or zip. The bottom is a tight skirt with a slit at the back.The length of the skirt is a few inches below my knee.
Since I am not going to tuck in my blouse, so I sewed elastic band on the left and right side of the waist band .This makes me feel comfortable.

My working dress code does not allow me to wear short skirts above the knee cap.I do not mind at all. Ha! Ha! Why ? Just because I never wanted to wear short skirts anymore ,like the old days when I was young.

The purple colour fabric is a little bit shining and thus it made my dress looked a bit elegant.Although this is just a simple dress, but it is one of my favourite. I have been wearing this dress for quite a number of years and still wearing it. I think I will wear it until it is worn out . :)


  1. Purple is my favorite color, and you look gorgeous in this purple outfit! And it amazes me that you made this two piece outfit using your own drafted patterns... wow! No wonder that the dress fits you perfectly and looks beautiful on you!! And I'm so happy to see you in this picture :) You look very elegant!!

  2. Hi, Chick Chick, thank you for your compliment. Do not cheated by the photo, I am not an elegant woman in reality.
    Actually I am learning a lot from Japanese pattern books. I have more than 30 copies of different Japanese pattern books and still wishing to get more ! Using those books as reference , I finally learned the skill of drafting some patterns for myself .