Sunday, April 11, 2010

Beautiful fabrics !

This afternoon I went to traditional Chinese coffee shop with my hubby . After taken coffee and toasted bread with butter and kaya, I went to two of the local fabric stores . See what I bought , four pieces of cotton fabrics and three pieces of linen fabrics!

Well, I seldom came out empty-handed whenever I enter any fabric store. I think I should control myself and stop buying next time.Why ? Just because besides this seven new fabrics, I still have many unsewn fabrics keep inside my sewing room. Wow ! There are stacks of fabrics yet I am so busy with my work and have limited time to sew. There are quite a number of fabric stores in my hometown . I always enjoy entering one store after another, can spend hours and hours just admiring those beautiful fabrics and finally, cannot resist myself from buying some . :)

1 comment:

  1. Wow these are really beautiful fabrics...I esp like the blue/white batik style fabrics. And PY, you're not the only one who has big piles of fabric inventory at home, yet who cannot control buying more fabrics, and with limited time of time to sew...!! I think we have so much in common ;)