Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year ---- drawstring bags and cookies

Happy Chinese New Year to all ! Today is the first day of our Chinese New Year celebration .

I am so lucky because I have nine days Chinese New Year holidays started from 26th of last month. Besides being busy with my work , I was busy preparing for this festival in the past few weeks too. Spring cleaning, baking , sewing and………., phew ! I am glad all were done and now I am enjoying my New Year celebration.

Of all the traditional Chinese festivals, the Chinese New Year is the most important and grant celebration for the Chinese. It is the time for family reunions, and for visiting friends and relatives. This festival stressed the importance of family ties.

Yesterday we attended a Chinese New year's Eve dinner gathering in my brother's house . Even though my parents had passed away more than twenty years, members of my family would still gather at the old house where we grown up . Every year, we sisters and brothers together with our families gather there for the important family meal on the evening of the New year's Eve. It was among the most important family occasions of the year.

This year I was able to make some drawstring bags as little gifts for girls.

I used patchwork style cotton fabric for making these bags. The inner lining fabric is satin. Since all the bags are made from the same fabric, so I did some embroidery work to make sure each girl would be able to identify her own bag. You know, so many of them gathering together in our old house, playing, talking and giggling around, their belongings will definitely misplace and mix up.

Red packet with money is put inside each of the bags and given to my lovely nieces yesterday . They were happy to get their bags respectively.

For your information, red packets are actually small red envelopes, printed with greeting and best wishes wording. During Chinese New Year, red packets will be given to children, unmarried adults or elders with money inside them.

For this celebration, I managed to bake more than 40 tubs of cookies .These cookies are prepared for our relatives. I only have time to make five different types, i.e. pineapple nastar rolls, cashew nut cookies, chocolate almond cookies, butter cookies and semperit butter fingers. Besides sewing, I actually enjoy cooking and baking too. How I wish I could have more time to bake more variety of cookies .

Well. I have to stop here because my hubby is waiting for me. We are going to visit his uncle who stay nearby.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a happy and enjoyable week !


  1. You are truly amazing! 40 tubs of cookies?!?!?! & FIVE different types too! Not forgetting the time you manage to find to sew those adorable little bags too!

    Happy New Year and enjoy your time off!

  2. ¿tengo que desearte feliz año?, supongo que eres china, genial ahora hago amistades inter-raciales.Tus galletas son increibles

  3. Happy new year, PY!!

    OMG, I'll tell you, my jaws almost dropped when I learned that you made "40 bottles of cookies" and many many drawstring bags (each one with different name embroidery) for the new year celebration, on top of the spring cleaning and everything else going on in your life...!! And you did such a perfect job on all of your creations! Wow, PY, if you're not the super woman, who else is?

    Hope you continue to have great time with your family members! Love, Amy

  4. Thank you , ladies. I do have great time and really enjoy my CNY.

    Plum Lee, I hope you enjoy your CNY in UK too. I visited your blog and really wish I can be a good cook like you. :)

    Onix, I am Chinese and my ancestor migrated from China to Malaysia long time ago.

    Amy, hahaha! I am not superwoman. I just enjoy sewing and baking.

  5. PY,

  6. Evelyn,新年快乐!谢谢你再次到访。
    当老师是我从小的志愿, 顺利达成而已。其他则是我的爱好,只求开心,没甚了不起。