Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More red coasters for Chinese Lunar New Year

I used some fabric scraps from my stash to make these four coasters. These patchwork coasters were made using paper piecing technique. I think this techique is wonderful since even very small pieces of fabric scraps would not be wasted. Isn't it eco- friendly to make the full use of them ?
In Chinese culture, the round shape symbolizes reunion and success.The colour of red symbolizes good luck, prosperity, happiness and wealth. I hope these coasters will bring warm and happy feelings for my visitors in this New Year celebration.

I have an idea. After Chinese New Year, I will attach zippers to the coasters. I would like to turn them into two colourful round pouches . ^0^.


  1. !que bien que hayas vuelto con tantas cosas nuevas!
    No puedo traducir tu blog.Por alguna razón el ordenador se me apaga cuando le doy a traducir, de modo que sólo entiendo un poco de lo que dices.
    Los posavasos son divinos

  2. Happy Chinese New Year, PY, and welcome back to the blogging world!!

    Your round coasters (or soon-to-be zipper pouches) are just so lovely. It just amazes me how beautifully you attach the bias tapes around each round shape!! I often have hard time stitching any thing in round... I guess I need more practice to be able to sew like you, PY ;)