Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am back

I was too busy with my work for the past few months and could not spare time on blogging.

Heavy workload sometimes really drives me crazy. Luckily my passion for sewing always helps to erase the stress and tension that exist in my life. I found myself living in peace and content as long as I can sit down to sew , may it be just a few stiches.
I did not come out with much stuffs for the past few months, but every small project or stuff make me smile.


batik dress

patchwork zipper pouch

crocheted rug rag

floral blouse
denim box pouch

apple coasters

strawberry coasters

" gardening " zipper pouch
" embroided scissors " pincushion

I will not stop sewing. I will only post if I am free. :)


  1. Hola Py, feliz año...mi traductor no quiere funcionar, espero que me entiendas.Tus trabajos son divinos.Me gustan mucho las manzanas

  2. Hi, Onix, thanks for visiting my blog again. I like the apple coasters too.