Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baking and crocheting

Beautiful Sunday !

Got up early in the morning and baked a Cotton Soft Japanese Cheese Cake .

I couldn't get enough of this delicious cake. Just irresistible ! So soft and smooth in texture!

Just imagine, I have been baking this cake over and over for the past few weeks!

This cheese cake is easy and simple to make.I think this is the best cheese cake recipe I got from the internet.

If you love cheese cake, get the recipe from here and give it a try.

Well, while waiting for my cake to be baked in the oven, I started crocheting another floor mat.

I completed the crocheting just now. OMG ! This one is really really COLOURFUL ! Isn't it ?

My hubby's aunt gave me some of the bright colour fabric scraps . I was just too happy to get them. How lucky I am !

I used the fabric scraps and three old T-shirts given by my younger sister to crochet this mat.

Yes, I am addicted to crocheting rag rugs as well as baking cheese cake ... hahaha ! I wish to share with you this delicious cake together with a cup of white coffee. ^O^.

Thanks for visiting .

Have a gorgeous weekend !


  1. Oh yes, that cheese cake looks soooooo good! And the colorful rag rug is just stunning!! I love it! I wish I lived close from you so that we can enjoy making rag rugs together sharing your yummy cheese cake... \^o^/ Hope you continue to enjoy your week! Love, Amy

  2. Thanks ,Amy.
    I gave this one to my youngest sister yesterday. She said she wanted to start crocheting this type of rag rugs too.... :P.