Friday, June 3, 2011

Colourful rag rug

I am addicted in crocheting rag rugs already.I crocheted this colourful one yesterday afternoon.

The diameter of this rag rug is around 18 inches.

A lady working in a textile garments factory picked up some colourful knit fabric scraps ( which are supposed to be thrown away ) for me last month . I used two worn-out orange and light blue colour T-shirts, plus the green and yellow scraps to crochet the above floor mat.

The scraps given by the kind-hearted lady are really good for crocheting rug rags .

As the knit fabric is stretcheble, I cut all the scraps into zig-zag strips, and simply tie knots to join each of them to form a long strip for crocheting.

The picture below shows how I cut one of the scrap ( around 8 in. x 10 in. ) before I tie it together with other similar strips to form a long strip for crocheting. My hubby commented that the blue rag rug I crocheted a few days back is too small , so I crocheted another round to make it bigger.

The size of this rug rag is now 18 inches ( or around 45 cm ) in diameter. I supposed this is the size we both preferred , since it is not too big nor too small.

Well, I love this blue rag rug, and I am going to use it as kitchen mat . It sure will brighten up my hours spending in my kitchen. ^v^.

Enjoy your weekend !

Guess what ? Yes, I am going to spend my weekend crocheting another rag rug....., and I will start with the red fabric strips shown above . ^o^.

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