Sunday, June 5, 2011

The sun in the middle of gloomy sky

I crocheted when I was watching TV.

I crocheted when I was in the kitchen ,waiting for the food on the gas-stove to be cooked.

I crocheted when I was fed up of marking exercise books with horrible handwriting.

I crocheted and crocheted and crocheted.......,

Phew! Finally it was done this afternoon!

I think the colour combination for this one is a bit weird , but those were the only fabric strips left.

No choice .... and I am not willing to unpick and redo it. So just let it be, let it be .....!

Just let the sun stays in the middle of the glooming sky ( or funny sky?). Hehehe !

Yes, I enjoy so much upcycling old T-shirts into fabric mats.Thanks Amy for the inspiration !

Now I am running out of fabric strips.

My sisters promised to collect some old worn-out T-shirts and bedsheets for me. So wait until I get those stuffs before I can crochet recycled mats again.. ^o^.

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