Saturday, December 31, 2011

My simple tote--Let's go sailing

What I did for the past few months? Well, I had been busy with my work from September till mid Nov. When my holidays started in mid Nov, I went travelling in China with my hubby for 2 weeks. We went to ZhengZhou, LuoYang and Xi'an. It was such a wonderful trip !

After back from China, I spend most of my time on baking, gardening and watching movies as well as reading novels.

Finally before the end of 2011, today I managed to sew a simple tote. lol !

Chinese lunar New Year is just around the corner, I will be very busy in the coming few weeks.

School holidays coming to the end, spring cleaning, baking cookies , sewing new clothes for the coming celebration........Oh, how I wish I could have 48 hours a day ! :P

Thanks for visiting my blog. Wish you lots of laughter and happiness throughout the coming year. HAPPY NEW YEAR !


  1. Happy New Year, PY! I'm so thrilled to see you back!

    Sounds like you had been really busy for the past few months, but also enjoying your life to your fullest potential... I wish your 2012 is filled with lots of love, good health, prosperity, and of course, more time for crafting (lol)! Love your new tote, too!

  2. Thanks! Amy, I do hope I would be able to spare more time for crafting in 2012. :D