Friday, January 6, 2012

Simple but colourful

A simple clolourful silk blouse. It is perfect for my coming Chinese lunar New Year.

I can imagine how my sisters will react when they see me wearing such colourful garment.

Most probably, they will exclaim : " Oh ! my goodness! sooooo colourful ! Do you really think it suits your age ? "

I will answer : " Oh! It is New Year, I hope bright colours will cheer up everybody ! " Haha!


  1. LOVE it! And definitely not too colorful for you, as it matches your sweet personality. Happy Sewing! ☺

  2. Yes, I think this gorgeous and colorful blouse REALLY suits you (and your age, of course)!!

    What a wonderful way to prepare for the upcoming Chinese new year! Job well done :D

  3. Ladies, Thank you very much for your nice comments. I am back to sew some new stuffs ... ...,just hope I will have more time to spend on sewing this year. ^o^ .