Friday, July 23, 2010

Black blouse and batik print maxi skirt

I bought this batik print fabric from a local fabric store. The fabric is soft and nice to wear. I sewed a maxi skirt using this fabric.

Since  90 % of the  students in my school  are Malay Muslims, it is very common for us non -Muslim female teachers to wear maxi skirts in school. Outside the school, I seldom wear maxi skirts.

The skirt is pleated at the front  for easy movement. Elastic bands were attached  on both sides of the waist band.and zip opening at the right hand side.

If the blouse and the skirt were made using the same fabric,the dress would be too flowery. In the end I  bought another black colour fabric and sewed a blouse to match with this maxi skirt.

Batik print fabric is used for the facing on  the neckline , and it was sewed  on the right side of the garment for embellishment. I did the same for the cuffs.
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