Sunday, July 4, 2010

Four pairs of shorts for my little niece

My little niece came to my house last weekend. She insisted to take a picture in front of the framed cross stitched Japanese lady hanging on the wall in my living room. She likes the cross stitch very much because it was made by her mum before she was born.

She told me she likes the broad shorts I made for her cousin brother. She asked me to make one for her too. At home this girl likes to wear T-shirt and shorts.

After she knew that I am willing to sew one for her, she was happy and said : “ You know, I have grown up and some of my shorts are too small to fit already ! Do you mind to make more than one for me ? “

I laughed and answered : “ No problem ! How many pairs do you want ? Five ? "

She raised her three little fingers and answered : “ THREE will be enough !”

On Tuesday night, I finished sewing four ( instead of three )pairs of broad shorts for her.

I drafted the paper pattern with seam allowance. I just laid the paper pattern on the fabric and cut out without tracing. Quick, easy and fun to sew! Less than three hours, I completed four shorts with elasticated waist .

My little niece cycled  to my house to get her shorts this evening . She likes the shorts I made for her.  I took some pictures of her with the shorts on. She is a real cutie, sweet and mischievious !


  1. bonitos pantalones y bonita niña

  2. Hi,Onix,it means " nice pants and nice girl " right ?
    Thank you !

  3. 我很喜欢看你的Blog,你的衣服及手工都做的很好,我很羡慕,不知道你可以教我Basic Pattern Drafting吗?谢谢你。我的email address is

  4. Your niece is adorable and she looks so cute in those lovely shorts. I bet you made her day!

  5. Evelyn,谢谢妳欣赏我的手工。我只是会点皮毛, 能做几件自己穿的衣服而已!要教妳可还没胜任的能力呀!
    如果妳有兴趣,不妨买日本的pattern book 来学,里面有教基本画图, 也常有画好,可直接用的图。网上也有很多资料,如网址 有教人画图及各种缝纫方法,妳不妨参考.

  6. Great shorts! Love the pocket too. She looks like she loves them as well!

    Andrea @

  7. yes Py...nice pants, and nice girl.