Thursday, July 29, 2010

Strawberry, polka dot and lovely girls.

Last Friday evening, I dropped by a fabric store I used to visit while driving home from work. I  saw many new arrivals .  More than  thirty different floral prints and polka dot  100 % cotton fabrics.

I just love those  pure cotton fabric. I told myself that I will sure to  regret if I did not grap some. Further more the prices are reasonable and affordable. They are perfect for making little dresses, skirts, patchwork and .....( See how I am trying to find as many excuses as posssible whenever I am buying fabric...)

I  managed to control myself to buy eight pieces only. But the other beautiful floral fabric in the store keep on dancing in my mind, asking me to go back for them next Sunday ........ :) .

I would like to show you what I had bought. I love all of them. What do you think of them ? Let me know !

Should I go back for some more ? I do not mind collecting all the nice fabric and turn them into beautiful craftwork or clothing one day .  Don't laugh at me ! I am sure you are just like me,  fabric addict ! right ?  :)

Have a nice day !


  1. Lovely fabrics! I esp love the strawberry fabric in light blue background!! And YES, you should definitely go back to the store and get more fabrics, PY!! LOL
    From the fabric addict in California ;)

  2. preciosos...tienes que comprar más

  3. 你所看到的布都很不错可以做童装及手工等。。。。。。。。


  4. Amy and Onix, my hubby agreed with both of you, he said I should go back and buy more too! :)

    Evelyn, thanks for stopping by. I do hope I can have time to sew more stuff too. :)