Sunday, August 1, 2010

Little drawstring bag + a cute cat

Last night I made this little drawstring bag using the lovely girls cotton fabric. I was inspired by this bag my hubby bought for me. The size of the bag is 7" x 5 1/2 " .

I used  satin fabric  for the inner lining. The fun part is when both of the strings are being pulled , a flower is formed in the centre!

I went to the fabric store again this afternoon. I did buy some more. I am so happy because I love those cotton fabric so much . My nephew borrowed my camera just now. I will take some photos of the fabric when I get back my camera.

Oh, I would like to share with  you a photo taken by my hubby  using his cell phone. He went to a traditional coffee shop one afternoon and ....., he saw this lovely cat sat on the staircase at the side door of the shop. The cat ignored the noisy crowd and was enjoying sun-bathing ! Sooo cute !

Thanks for reading and hope  you have a peaceful weekend !


  1. 哗,手脚很快的便缝制好这么可爱的细绳带包包,真的很不错。