Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gift--- Craft books.

My hubby bought these craft books for me from a  Chinese book fair in my hometown yesterday.  The one at the top left is translated from Japanese edition published by BOUTIQUE-SHA. The Chinese publisher got the Chinese translation rights arranged with BOUTIQUE-SHA.

These books are actually for beginners and project listed are very simple. I told him I can sew those stuffs without refering to the books. According to him, no harm of buying since the books are inexpensive .( I do not  think so because all the books are actually 100 % more expensive than what you can get from China.) .  Any way , he made my day because it is really fun to look at those beautiful pictures inside the book.! !

I had went to China at least five times in the past , but only  had bought a sewing pattern book for " Qi pao"  there.  Well, I was  not so crazy about crafting in those days... :).

I think next time I visit China , I will sure to grap more craft  books .......! There are many creative people in China. Every time I visited China  , I was thrilled to  look at their architectures, sculptures, handicrafts, .....and most of all , the amazing , fantastic beautiful scenery of this country !  My hubby never get  tire of visiting this wonderful country.

Here comes the man who enjoys buying little gifts for me. The picture was taken in Tibet, China in the year 2005. I am happy this man  always knows what I want and likes to give me little surprises every now and then . :)

Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day !


  1. Hi,PY,

  2. Nice to meet you, Mr. PY!!

    And PY, you are the luckiest sewist I know with such a sweet husband who buys craft books for his crafty wife... I envy you ;)

    Happiness forever to the nice couple in Malay!