Monday, August 9, 2010

Little house drawstring bag

Yesterday  afternoon , I made a small drawstring bag with batting . My hubby thought  it is  for  holding a cell phone, but it is not. It is quite small, only measuring  5 " x 2.75 ".

I made this small bag for holding my thread clipper. The dark blue fabric is medium weight linen cotton blend . The inner lining fabric is white and dark green gingham check flannel. I simply used some different colour cotton fabric to cut out a little house pattern for the machine applique` . The applique` turned out quite cute. I love this  little house on  the green ground with cloud above !

I have been using this thread clipper  for more than 20 years ! This 4 inches long thread clipper was imported from China . It is a bit rusty now, but the blades of this handy tool are still very sharp. I used to do some stitching work whenever I have long distance travelling. Now with this little bag, I can always keep my thread clipper as well as other small sewing notions such as  seam ripper and small scissor inside my handbag for convinence. :)


  1. This is so cute and useful! I have a similar thread clipper, although mine was purchased recently. It is very handy. I use it whenever I am hand sewing things.

  2. PY,

  3. Very cute applique! I'm using the same type of thread cutter too, I love my thread cutters. For the handle, I used some leftover fabric strips to wrap round it, the fabric will prevent the cutter from rusting and make it more comfortable to hold. Btw, how did you make the cutter so lasting? Mine will worn out after sometime and become less sharp.

  4. Ladies, thanks for stopping by.
    Pauline, no special care for this thread clipper . May be it is just old things are of better quality. :)

  5. PY, this is nice. I thought it is a cellphone holder too before I finished reading this blog.