Sunday, March 14, 2010

Beige colour rose flower blouses

I sew these two blouses five years ago. The fabric used is Japanese medium weight cotton. I bought this lovely fabric from one of the local textile store in the town I lived in . The price of the fabric was unexpectedly low, only RM 7. 00 per metre! ( 1 metre approximately equals to 39 inches ) . I forgot how many metres I had bought . I think I bought all that was left in the store, must be less than 3 metres.

I sew the blouse with the puffed sleeves first. I sew the second long sleeves blouse with the rest of the fabric left. The blouses were made to match with one of the maxi skirt I bought from a local supermarket , as shown in the picture below . The two pictures shown below are two brown colour long pants I bought last year. The long pants match perfectly well with these two blouses too .The two pants were bought during a local supermarket closed down sale . The prices for these two pants were extremely low ! One for MYR 10.00 only !

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