Tuesday, March 16, 2010

" PingAnFu" 平安符 or Amulet

My hubby went to Taiwan after Chinese New Year. He brought back some special gifts for me .One of them is a “平安符”or amulet . It is given by a temple in Taiwan. The Chinese “平安符” is usually in the form of a folded piece of yellow or red paper which carries blessing words from the God that we worship . It is believed that when we wear or bring this along with us , we will always be safe and sound , and being protected from all evils and misfortunes .

A " PingAnFu " inside a small cute bag

The “平安符”he brought back is very special because it is placed inside a small cute bag, some sort like a sachet. Look at the pictures below . The bag is very small ( 2 in. x 2 1/2 in. ), with a small pretty Chinese knot and a adjustable red string attached to it. I supposed the fabric used is a type of satin .

The length of the small bag is half the length of a pen.

Can you see the cute little dragon ?

Thank you , Ah Meng , for bringing this back home for me. I understand you always care for me


  1. This one is very beautiful! In Japan, “平安符”is called o-ma-mo-ri or "御守”and it acts as same purpose - they protect us from misfortunes.

    By the way my hubby goes to Taiwan once in a while for business, too, but I've never been there. I wish I can visit Taiwan some day for the good food and tea!

  2. Hi, Chick Chick,it is interesting to know that Japanese "御守”serve the same purpose as our Chinese “平安符”! Hope you will get a chance to go to Taiwan very soon !