Sunday, March 28, 2010

Red cotton dress with embroidered roses

When I entered one of the fabric stores in my hometown and saw this fabric, I was really excited . This embroidered cotton fabric with roses on it is so beautiful ! There are a few colours , what colour should I buy ? Blue? purple? yellow ? orange ? In the end, I bought this red one because I like to see kids wearing bright colours.

When cutting the fabric ,I adjusted carefully so that one of the pretty rose fell just below the front neck line. The result turned out great .My little niece looks pretty and sweet with it on.


  1. Another sweet dress by PY! You placed one of the roses right below the neckline - and it's just perfect. I wonder how old your niece is (the one who will be wearing this pretty dress), but no matter how old she is, she'll look great in it!

  2. My niece is eleven years old. When she grows older and cannot fit, then the dress will pass to the younger one. So you see, the dresses I made always pass from one to another because I have so many nieces!Worth sewing all these dresses , right ?