Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two pieces dress for myself .

When I saw this fabric in the textile store, I was thrilled ! Beautiful colour and beautiful flower designs!

I made a simple blouse and a maxi bottom with a slit at the back. When I wear this to work, my colleagues said it is beautiful. The material is soft and comfy to wear. Furthermore, it does not need any ironing after washing. Oh ! This really makes me feel relief because sometimes I am really busy with my work.


  1. Wow, PY, you've been sewing like a machine lately, haven't you!! This dress is gorgeous, I love the classical taste of the fabric.

  2. Hi, Chick chick. I am addicted to sewing. I will be quite busy with my work for the coming few weeks, just hope that I still can spare some time on sewing. I had sewn some clothes for myself in the past few years, may be I should post them one by one here.