Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Red floral blouse

This blouse was made to match with this flared skirt. Both are meant for Chinese New Year celebration. I am not sure what type of fabric it is. It is soft and does not wrinkle. No ironing is required and this saves my time.
I like to see other people wearing red but myself always try to avoid .Red is always the centre of attraction. I am not a sociable nor a talkative person. When one of my colleague saw this fabric, she fell in love with it. May be this fabric is really pretty ?


  1. PY, I sure think that this fabric is pretty. And it will definitely match with that flared skirt! You really sew fine clothes!!

    If you think it's too flashy (?) to wear red on both tops and bottoms, why don't you start by wearing a red top (or bottom) with black or other darker color together?

  2. Thanks for your compliment. Yes. I do mix and match different tops and bottoms.