Saturday, May 22, 2010

One piece flared dress

This is an old dress I made thirteen years ago. Wow ! so long ago..., time really flies !

On and off, I am still wearing it. I think the fabric used is polyester type. Small white flowers on dark blue ground , front opening and the buttons are covered with the same fabric .

May be this dress is considered as an old fashioned dress now , but I still like it very much. Well, I am not a stylish woman. As long as this garment makes me feel comfortable and relaxing, I will still keep it in my closet.


  1. Another nice, dress, PY! It doesn't look old fashioned to me at all. And what surprised me the most was the fact that you are able to wear the dress that you made 13 years ago! I mean t-h-i-r-t-e-e-n years, that's a long time. You're so fit and slender and I respect you that you've kept that way for more than a decade ;)

  2. Hi, Amy . Thank you.
    I prefer nutritious food, more vegetables and fruits than meat,do not like oily and fast food . May be that is why my weight always maintain around 52 kg -55 kg ( actually since 1980s )I wish to become vegetarian one day ..... :).