Saturday, May 1, 2010

Keep on sewing

I could not wait until June holidays to start sewing new clothes for myself. I could not wait that long ! I am going to manage my time wisely. I will try to squeeze out as much spare time as possible, so that I will be able to do bit by bit, and finish making my blouse within a few days or in one week time.

Do not be surprised that sometimes I finished sewing a blouse or a dress within one day . Ha ! ha ! This means occasionally I am too immersed in sewing and just leave cooking and housework aside. I can sew in the morning since I started working at noon. My work ended at 6.40 p.m. I can continue sewing at night.

Well, I am lucky because there are several healthy vegetarian restaurants nearby. If I am busy sewing and did not cook, simple food they served with reasonable price always make me and my hubby satisfied.

So I think I do not have to delay my sewing projects . Right now I should go to bed. I will wake up early tomorrow, clean up my house and then sit down to sew. Goodnight ! Till I finish my stuff and post again ! Do wish me HAPPY SEWING ! See you !


  1. Hi, PY! I think we have much in common - love of sewing, cooking, and family! And I, too, try my best everyday to use time wisely to squeeze time for sewing!! Anyways, I wish you HAPPY SEWING from all my heart!

  2. Amy, enjoy your sewing too !