Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mini pouch

Our school mid-year examination is around the corner. This week I am busy preparing the revision exercises as well as the exam paper and could not have much time to sew. I have to make sure all these work get done before I can put my hands on the blouse I am working on .

Anyhow, last night I took 20 minutes break. Instead of sewing the unfinished blouse , I made a pouch for myself. This mini pouch is easy and fast to make. I took less than 20 minutes to complete it. This simple pouch can be make according to our own preferable measurement. The pouch can be used for putting whatever small things we like. You can used it for keeping your small cards, or even buttons, necklaces and other small accessories. I used this one for putting my driving license, identity card , name cards, small card calendar and etc.

Well, I need to stop here. My black bean soup and rice are boiling in the kitchen. Back to the kitchen cooking the lunch . : ) .


  1. You sound extremely busy, yet you managed to make this sweet little pouch for yourself... What a lovely creation you made in less than 20 minutes!!

    I've been busy lately,too, yet I try my best to find time to sew, because, as you know, it's the best way to keep ourselves happy in our crazy lifestyles! Happy crafting and take care :)

  2. Amy ,Thanks.
    Yes, I am quite busy recently. I love teaching and I enjoy sewing at my leisure. I am sure you understand my fondness in sewing because you are also so addicted to sewing ! :).