Sunday, May 2, 2010

Small green check tank top.

Today is Sunday. I wake up before the sun rises from the east. After taking a bowl of cereal and a cup of yogurt as my breakfast, I started tracing a tank top pattern from an old worn out top.

The old top belongs to my friend Koh. She loves that simple tank top sewn by a tailor.She passed the top to me and hope that I can sew a similar one for her. Since she is a good friend of mine, I promised to make her a new one as a gift . As for my own new blouse, may be I will make it next week.

Koh has become a vegetaraian since 15 years ago. I used small green check polyester and cotton mixed fabric to make this top. Green colour always makes me think of trees and vege.I just hope that she will like it.

This simple top is very easy to sew . After finishing sewing this top, I do some washing and other housework. As usual, I will be going out with my hubby at 3.00 pm for tea and toasted bread. Oh ! What a happy and relaxing Sunday !

Sorry for the blurred image taken indoor . I am not good at taking pictures. :(


  1. What a cute top! And you are such an early bird - getting up BEFORE the sunrise on Sunday morning! Wow! I can see how you manage your time wisely to find more time to sew!!

  2. Amy, I think you are fabulous ! I managed to read some of your older posts last night and really love all the handicrafts that you had made.Sweet colours, cute and lovely! Wow, three cheers for you !