Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flowers and broad shorts

I bought this cute blue cotton fabric two weeks ago. My 16 years old nephew saw it and told me that he likes the blue colour as well as the print. I promised him I will sew a shorts for him .

Yesterday  morning I woke up very early. I drafted a board shorts pattern and cut the fabric , decided to sew it when I came back from work in the evening. Then I went to clean up the fallen leaves in my garden . Some of the flowers in my garden are blooming .The sunny weather , beautiful flowers and passion fruits made me happy . Do you realized that small little things around us can also greatly impact our overall level of happiness and life satisfaction? I took some pictures to share with you here.

Last  night I  finished sewing the board shorts.  I asked my hubby to try it on. It fits him too . In the end I made another similar one for him.It is actually fun to sew these type of shorts with elasticated waist . Very simple and easy  project.   Do try it out ! If you do not want to draft the pattern, you can just simply trace the pattern from  your trousers and make some modification.You can also get a  free PDF pattern  from craftpassion.com . After sewing the first one , I am sure you you will keep on sewing one after another ,until every member of your family gets one ! : )
This one is for my nephew . He is left- handed. I sewed  a side pocket at  the left hand side of the shorts.

This one is for my hubby. I sewed a pocket on  the back of the right hand side.

I am in the progress of making another blouse. I hope I will be able to complete it in this coming weekend.

Hope you have a great week !

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