Sunday, June 27, 2010

I need to control myself

My sister said that I am crazy and must learn how to control myself ! What did  she refer to ?  Oh ! she advised me to stop going to the fabric stores and  purchasing  more fabric.

It is always on Sunday  afternoon that I will hang around the fabric stores in my hometown. I used to go out for tea with my hubby on Sunday afternoon.We go to the traditional Chinese coffee shop for toasted bread and drinks. After that I will go to the fabric stores. There are more than ten  fabric stores in my hometown . It is really fun to enter those stores . I always enjoy looking and admiring great variety of beautiful fabric there . In the end, I can never resist myself from buying some.That is why I have a few big containers full of fabric in my sewing room and the number keep on increasing!

Whenever I am undecided whether or not to buy a certain fabric, my hubby will say : "  If you like it, just buy or you will regret if there is no more stock later ! " See , this man is too nice and  always encourage me to buy. May be I should blame him for that ! :)

I told my hubby  : " Please try to stop me from going to the fabric stores in future !"

OMG ! I could not stop laughing when he made a serious face and answered : " Oh ! I will never do that ! That is too CRUEL ! "  

Anyway, I am going to listen to my sister. I will stop buying more fabric. I decided to finish sewing  all the fabric that I had bought first.

Before I stop and go for tea, I would  like to show you what I had bought last weekend. Do you like them ?

I am not going to buy any more fabric today. I promised to control myself. :)

I cross my fingers that I will not buy any fabric today. :)

Thanks for reading . Bye ! Hope you have a happy Sunday.!


  1. That's a good man! My husband often comments about how much fabric I have but always encourages me to buy more as well =)

  2. Wow, these are nice fabrics and you're lucky to have more than ten! fabric stores in your hometown.

    And PY, remember that we're all on the same boat, having no control over our fabric addiction...! Your sister will definitely call me crazy if she sees my fabric shelf, too \*O*/

  3. Hi, Amy, I think most of us who like sewing are crazy about fabric . Other than fabric, I love to buy craft books and pattern books too ! :)

  4. WOW! I can understand your complusion to buy fabric! They are beautiful! Although as much as I wish I was an accomplished seamstress, I could only buy fabric if I knew what i was going to do with it! (Oh, & I can't really sew - I should ge my mum to teach me!)
    Sounds like heaven having 10 fabric stores in your town! Must be popular then!
    I used to collect cookbooks and I love craft books too.

    Oh, your hubbs sounds so lovely!

  5. I can totally understand the addiction to craft books and fabrics - for I have it too. I've got a large stash of material but, like you, am trying to sew with that before I buy any more. It's hard though! I love the florals you bought and will look forward to seeing what you make with them.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today.

    Kate x

  6. You know, the only way to not buy anymore fabric is to stop going to a fabric store. I can't remember how many times I told myself I will just pick up something quick and ended up wandering around the store and lining up at the cutting table... so glad it's not just me! :-)

  7. Hi, i just pop by from Amy's blog... first time but I already like your blog... and want to break the silence and say to you that you have a lovely husband! he is just like mine... and I love those fabric u posted here...and your skirt too :-)

    thanks for sharing!