Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tyrian purple dress

Another old dress I sewed a couple of years back. A tyrian purple two-piece dress. Well, I am quite busy with my work and no new stuff being sewn, so blog about old dresses ....boring, right ?

I love to sew my own clothes . According to my hubby, I am too fussy about my sewing. I could not stand a small mistake or poor stitching. I always try my very best to make my clothes look well-made. I also hope that my handmade clothing are impeccable. If I am not satisfied with the end result, I will sure to unpick and redo any part without any hesitation .

By the way, I really enjoy sewing very much. Sewing is my hobby and it brings so much pleasure in my simple life. I think many of you who like making hand sewn stuff will definitely understand my feeling. Sometimes I get very excited with the newly bought fabric, new ideas, sewing projects and etc....and all these release my work tension and make me in a merry mood . :)

Back to my dress, do you like it ? Well, as I had mentioned before , I am not a fashionable woman. This is just another simple dress. The pattern is self drafted. I think the fabric used is polyester georgette. I embelished the blouse with simple embroidery below the neckline and on the sleeves. An invisible zipper is attached at the back. Darts are sewn below the bust to give me a shapely look . :) The length of the skirt is below my kneecap, as stated in my working dress code.

I went out for tea with my hubby this afternoon.

How is your weekend ? Hope you have a nice and enjoyable weekend !

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  1. Wow, PY, another nice dress made by you! I love the color, the embroidered stitches, and most of all, I really think the fitted shape of this dress looks gorgeous on you! And I guess being a bit perfectionalist when it comes to sewing is a good thing - that's probably how you've improved your sewing skills to this level!

    I totally understand how sewing releases tension and stress out of our busy life... I mean, I can't live without it!! Happy sewing :)

  2. Hi, Amy, Thank you.I think you are addicted to sewing too ! :)
    Life definitely will be boring if we have no time to pursue our interest in sewing, right ?

  3. This is a wonderful dress in a beautiful colour! Your looking so pretty with it! The embroidery makes the dress really gorgeous, at the same time it is an elegant and timeless pattern! Kind regards from Germany, Renate