Friday, June 25, 2010

Gingham top

According to an old friend of mine, life is dull and boring when one does not have any hobby, or so bogged down with routine, or so overly busy with works that pursuing any activities outside works is a luxury.Well, I think I am  lucky because being busy with my work, I still managed to have some time to sew .  I finished sewing another top for myself last night.

I bought the gingham fabric from a local fabric store.It  was  imported from China.I made a pull over  top . It is  simple and fast sewing.The top is  comfy. I would like to wear it when I go out  for tea on Sunday afternoon with my hubby. :)


  1. I love gingham check, and I love this blouse! It looks so fresh and youthful on you, especially with those white pair of bottoms that you're wearing in the photos.

    And just like yourself, I think that I'm also the "lucky" one whose life is never dull or boring with lots and lots of things to do!!

  2. This blouse is so pretty, and you look awesome in it.

  3. Amy, thanks ! We both have the same taste , love love love the gingham check ! Yes, we are so lucky that we can have time to do what we love to do ! Hope you have a happy weekend and enjoy sewing your new clothing!

  4. Clara, thanks for stopping by. You are a wonderful blogger. I enjoy reading your blog!