Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I learn how to crochet

This Japanese crochet book was printed in Japan in the year 1983. I think I must had bought it when I was still a student. At the bottom of the right hand side of the book cover , there are two Japanese words which are exactly same as Chinese words meaning " basic ". I can't read Japanese, but I knew that this is a crochet book for beginners . Beginners can learn basic crocheting methods using this book.

The book has been kept inside my cupboard for too long , so yesterday I started my first piece of crochet work. Since I am new and had never crochet before, so I only dare to try a small coaster. The book stated the diameter of this coaster is 14 cm, but my end result only measured 12 cm !

I am not satisfied with what I had made. The poor coaster does not look nice. Please do not laugh over it. Well , it is much tougher compared with sewing clothing. Anyway, I think I need a lot of practice to improve my skill. Practice makes perfect, right ?

I put a heavy crystal ball ( actually not really crystal , I think it is made from glass ) on the coaster. The ball was bought by my hubby when we were travelling in Beijing in the year 1996.The diameter of this ball is around 12 cm. Delicate and fine Chinese painting on a small marble stone is sealed inside the glass ball.It is really a fine piece of art .


  1. PY, I can't believe that this was your first attempt in crocheting... you're too good to be a beginner! I mean, I truly think that you did a great job crocheting that lovely coaster. And it amazes me how you understand and follow directions on the Japanese craft books, on top of three languages you are already fluent with!! \^0^/

  2. Thank you, Amy.I am so envious of your crocheting skill ,so finally pushed myself to learn.I just hope I will have more time to crochet.
    I can't read Japanese language, but the book has detail instructions and diagrams to follow.This is the main reason why I love Japanese pattern books.:0