Monday, June 7, 2010


Happy because I picked up 15 passion fruits from my garden this morning.
Happy because I bought some beautiful fabric yesterday.
Happy because I have time to clean up my messy house.
Happy because I see flowers blooming in my garden.
Happy because I can have an afternoon nap.
Happy because I have time to watch movies.
Happy because I have time to cook for my hubby.
Happy because I have time to make bread and cakes.
Happy because I have time to read my favourite books.
But most of all, happy because I have time to sew!!!
Happy because I have two weeks holidays !!!


  1. I guess happiness is so contagious, your post made me very happy, too! Lucky you to have two weeks of holidays to... sew, of course, what else ? (LOL)

    And I also enjoyed reading your "About me" section. You're amazing that you speak three languages fluently \*O*/ Wow! I also love the new look of your blog - it's so charming and refreshing!

  2. Hi, Amy, I am glad that you like the new look of my blog. :)

    It is very common that most of the Malaysian Chineses can master these 3 languages. We have the opportunity of learning these languages in some of the schools in my country.